Navina® Thai Yoga Therapy

canfitpro is proud to partner with Navina® Thai Yoga Therapy as our preferred education provider of Thai Yoga Therapy.

canfitpro members receive 10% off the courses in the descriptions below. All courses below are offered online throughout the year. 

What is Navina® Thai Yoga Therapy?

Thai yoga therapy is a mind-body-spirit practice that has the same roots as the ancient understanding of Ayurveda. Thai yoga therapy incorporates many different soft tissue manipulation techniques (massage, fascial release, chopping, and many more) with assisted stretches and meditation in order to achieve a deep state of relaxation. 

Navina® focuses on optimal biomechanics, the use of anatomy and creating a deeply relaxing client experience while still maintaining the heart-centred approach of this ancient art form. Within the Navina® courses, they expand the ideas and methods that are commonly presented in trainings in order to build a more comprehensive study and investigation of the human mind-body-spirit. 

Introduction to Thai Yoga Stretching for Exercise Professionals (online) - exclusive to canfitpro!

Thai Yoga Stretching combines assisted stretching, passive yoga, and pressure techniques to give a deeply beneficial experience for the athletic body. Within this course you have access to incredibly practical tools to use on your personal training clients, fitness class participants and other athletic individuals.

Each technique can be utilized in isolation or together as a full sequence, and a more therapeutic experience. This specialty offering contains instructional video footage, along with a 33-page written manual to consolidate and deepen your knowledge for each technique. This course is specifically designed with fitness professionals in mind and it is highly recommended that you have a background in health and fitness prior to engaging in this course.

Thai Massage at Home (online)

Learn a handful of selected techniques can transform our communication skills with those around us, enhance relationships, and of course, naturally reduce stress and tension for both the giver and receiver.

This is the perfect way to be introduced to more compassionate touch in your everyday, and can be used on friends, family members or clients.

No prior massage experience necessary.

Savasanahhh (online)

Savasanahhh is the perfect blend of compassionate touch and restorative yoga. Guide your students deeper into relaxation, restoration and bliss with this fluid combination of Thai massage and restorative yoga. Learning to provide compassionate touch will do more than just enhance your restorative classes – it will act as a conduit to deeper connection and greater wellbeing in all aspects of your life. It will also provide the skill and confidence to approach hands-on assists in any yoga class. Our teaching approach focuses on the essentials of compassionate touch, practicing in a safe and sustainable way whilst providing you with the practical skills that will allow you to translate Thai massage immediately and effectively into your classes.

No prerequisites for this training. It is open to all who want to experience this powerful union of Thai massage and yoga.


Ready to study anatomy and physiology?! We've built this resource as the “long-game” course to get you set up with the essentials in the field of human biology. Often times our personal training education only just scrapes the surface of this vast field of study. The way we approach the foundational components of A&P education (presented here) sets you up for deeper 

exploration into the ways the body moves, how we can assess it, how we can rehabilitate it, what pain signalling means (and what it doesn’t), how we can reduce and remove pain, and essentially how to help ourselves and our people move the best and feel the best they can. This course contains a 6 full lectures plus bonus content. 

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